And finally…the conclusion.

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It’s been a looooooong arduous journey, but it’s finally over.

Spread #11: Tyrannosaurus

Spread #12: Apatosaurus

Spread #13: Deinonychus

Cover: Final painting with stand-in text that will be revised (my last name changed, etc.)

Final Art Storyboard



Spread #10 and another background

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Brachiosaurus is mostly finished, as well as the background for tyrannosaurus.

Spread 9: Allosaurus

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Allosaurus is finally completed!

Euoplocephalus & Parasaurolophus

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Spreads 7 & 8.  They still need some polishing, but are very nearly done.



I still have 5 spreads to finish up (they’re very close), along with the cover.

Completed Spreads 5 & 6!

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Iguanodon and Archaeopteryx are now completed:

The final deadline has once again become maleable, but it should all be done within the next two weeks. (Emphasis on ‘should.’)

The book at a glance…

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I scanned in all of the pieces so I could put together a storyboard and see where I’m at with everything.  It’s nice to see the work as a whole–I’m getting close!  I’m two weeks away from my deadline, which is tight but (hopefully!) manageable.

Ichthyosaurus Final!

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Here’s the ichthyosaurus spread:

This was about two days worth of painting…here’s hoping the rest can move along as quickly.